Proper Dental Health Begins in the Womb!customPhoto You can make a difference in your child’s smile even before you brush their teeth for the first time! Good Nutrition during pregnancy is vital for your unborn baby’s dental health. A healthy diet helps ensure that your child receives the minerals and nutrients needed for the development of healthy teeth. A variety of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C and D as well as calcium and phosphorous are vital to the odontogenesis process, or tooth development, which begins in the womb. Tooth development includes the dentin, enamel, periodontium and cementum as well as the process of protein matrix mineralization. Your baby’s primary teeth form in the jaw bone six to eight weeks after conception and permanent teeth begin to develop at twenty weeks. The growth of the root structure, however, continues and is finally completed in late adolescence. Moms, you play a significant role in the development of your baby’s teeth right from the start. Proper dental care is a lifelong process for you and your child. Take care of yourself today and your baby’s smile will melt your heart forever!